Pfeffernüsse Cookies for Yule

One of the few culinary traditions I have to pass on to my children is the making of Yuletide pfeffernüsse cookies. My grandmother, Lillian, made these German/Danish treats every year, and though she passed on years ago, everyone still talks about them. I've been making them for a handful of years, using her recipe that I unfortunately couldn't locate this year. So I browsed the trusty internet until I found a suitable replacement for these "pepper nuts." Grandma Lil preferred to dust hers in powdered sugar, but I went the glaze route this season. As with all traditional foods, there are as many versions as there are families, but you'll find that they all have the same essential spice blend and ultimate appearance. I used this recipe, but feel free to find one that works for you.

My son was my helper in the making of these little Yule gems:


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