"A Flame on the North Sea" refers to the Biikebrennen/Pers Awten bonfire festival held each year on the coasts of North Frisia and South Jutland on February 21st. For centuries fires have been lit on this day to bid farewell to winter, and to wish sailors well as they departed on dangerous waters to uncertain fates.

I am the person behind the words: a heathen, a woman, a mother, an observer, a traveler of one kind or another. Beyond that, I hope that the contents of this space will help you come to know a little bit more about me.

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I have been called Peace-Maker, and Ungrateful,
Kind-Heart, Leader,
Gentle One, and Tall-Girl.
I have been called Diviner, and Image-Maker,
Furious, and Schemer.
I have called myself Scholar and Loner,
Herb-Harvester, and Shy.
Joyful-Spirit, Heart-Breaker,
Weak-One, and Strong-One,
Dancer and Fearful and Brave.
They called me Strange-One in Bergvik’s hall,
But Quiet at Titus’s place.
I was called Odd-Duck, and Mystery
Observer, and Terrible,
Rude, and Filthy, and Fearsome.
Olivia is my name, but before that I was
Battle-Avoider and Laughter-Wise.
I think all these names were used for me alone.*

*my personal adaptation of stanzas 46-54 of the Grimnismal (a poem in the Poetic Edda where Odin lists his many names)


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